Climate & health communications

Understanding and communicating the health impacts of climate change, as well as climate solutions for the health care sector can be challenging. Whether you're a health professional, journalist, or advocate for climate action, we provide resources that address these issues and guidance to become effective climate and health communicators.

Guide | Reclaiming health activism in the age of the climate crisis

This Campaign and advocacy guide is a powerful resource for health care professionals that want to harness their expertise and credibility as trusted voices to drive climate policy changes at local, national, and global levels. The guide provides actionable steps for organizing campaigns, hosting public awareness events, and collaborating with other advocacy groups to maximize impact and reach.

Guide | Mastering media interviews to promote climate and health

This resource, developed by Health Care Without Harm Europe, provides an introduction to basic interview techniques and how to speak to the media. It includes practical tips on preparing for interviews, giving interviews, and tackling difficult questions.

Guide | Journalism and climate change

Produced by Health Care Without Harm Latin America, this document is based on the experience of journalists from Latin America covering science, health, data, and energy, who reflect on their practice and share their knowledge and recommendations with colleagues. The guide contains ideas, tips, and tools for incorporating health and health sector issues into climate change coverage. Available only in Spanish.

Guide | Visual storytelling for health professionals

Health professional experiences and stories are powerful, can shift behavior, and compel action to help protect our climate, health, and future. Health Care Without Harm’s visual storytelling guide provides tools and resources to help health care workers tell their stories.

Guide | No vaccine for climate change: a new communication guide for health care professionals

The guide, developed by Healthy Energy Initiative, is designed to help health care workers to embark on different conversations on the health impacts of climate change with their patients, communities, to respond to media, legislators, policymakers, and for a range of other communication purposes.

Guide | Real, urgent & now: Communicating the health impacts of climate change

This communication guide developed by our partner, the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA), helps health professionals speak confidently about climate change and health, promote actions that reduce emissions and improve health and advocate for climate action.

Course | Climate and health leadership

This initiative, developed by Health Care Without Harm Latin America, provides technical information and communication tools to help health professionals in the region develop leadership. The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty initiative supported the second edition of the program. Available only in Spanish.

Course | Climate journalism

Health Care Without Harm, together with the Training Centers of the Spanish Cooperation in Uruguay and Guatemala, and LatinClima, developed in October 2022 the "Latin American Course on Climate Journalism towards COP27". This course was directed to journalists and communication professionals ahead of the climate summit in Egypt. Available only in Spanish.

Course | Effective Climate Communications

The goal of this course is to share tools and recommendations to help develop creative and impactful strategies when communicating issues associated with climate change. Health Care Without Harm was part of the coordinating team of the course. Available only in Spanish.

Resources | Glossary of climate change

What is climate change? What are GHG, CO2eq, GCP, IPCC, UNFCCC, COP, or NDC? Health Care Without Harm Latin America developed a commonly-used terms glossary used n the climate change and health narrative. Available only in Spanish.

Resources | Communications & advocacy toolkit for Southeast Asia

The climate and health communications & advocacy toolkit produced by Health Care Without Harm Southeast Asia aims to provide resources and tools to help health professionals and climate advocates in the region creatively and effectively campaign for a healthy climate and an equitable future.

Video | Introduction to climate negotiations for health care professionals

This video, produced by Health Care Without Harm Latin America, speakers provide an overview of international climate negotiations and propose different alternatives for Latin American health professionals to advocate for a healthier planet. Available only in Spanish.