Health professional advocates

The movement for healthy people and a healthy planet

Health professionals are both trusted communicators and important actors when it comes to protecting public health.

It is no surprise that health professionals are some of the most respected voices calling for climate solutions in their workplaces, their communities, and the halls of government. They are effective advocates who can influence policymakers, businesses, and hospital system leadership to deploy climate commitments and solutions aligned with the Paris Agreement.

As the number of people dying from air pollution and fossil fuel-triggered respiratory diseases escalates with the climate crisis, so does the need for a vibrant, well-resourced health professional movement. Health Care Without Harm is committed to helping build that movement–a groundswell of health workers standing up for a broader, society-wide transition to a healthy, sustainable, and equitable world. We are at the forefront of mobilizing, engaging, and empowering the health sector to take climate action and lead the change by example.


Health Care Professionals

We work with doctors, nurses, and public health professionals to advocate for healthy people on a healthy planet. We work to support fossil fuel impacted communities’ right to a healthy environment; to call on health institutions to implement climate-smart solutions and for staff to be spokespeople for clean air and a sustainable environment in their cities, states, and nations; and to insist on a just transition to an economy based on clean and renewable energy. The result is an emerging movement composed of a growing number of networks and coalitions of hospitals, health systems, doctors, nurses, and public health professionals.

Whether it’s doctors and leading medical associations advocating for clean air and climate action in India, nurses mobilizing for a healthy climate in Europe and the United States, or a coalition of health professionals and policymakers seeking action on climate in South East Asia, we’re coalescing a powerful network that is part of a growing ecosystem working to protect public health from climate change. Together we can embark on a course to zero-emissions, resilient, and equitable health care.


In addition to our Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network, Health Care Without Harm leads or co-leads seven health professional networks dedicated to climate education and advocacy. 

To expand this ecosystem, we participate in an array of leadership health sector bodies addressing the climate crisis

Our involvement includes:

Solutions in action & resources

Climate & health and leadership of young health professionals

A powerful video of young health professionals in India warning of the increased health impacts of fossil fuels that cause climate change and the health crisis from extreme weather events like heatwaves, flooding, landslides, and storm surges affecting people worldwide. They highlight health care climate solutions and call for ramped-up collective climate action.

In Support of Healthy COVID-19 Recovery

On May 26, 2020, over 350 organizations representing over 40 million health professionals and over 4,500 individual health professionals from 90 different countries wrote to the G20 leaders calling for a healthy recovery from COVID-19.

The Global Health Community Push for Climate Action that includes Health

The Global Climate and Health Alliance and other professional health organizations from around the world call for health to be integrated into Nationally Determined Contribution climate policies.