This campaign and advocacy document is a resource for health care professionals who want to harness their expertise and credibility as trusted voices to drive local, national, and global climate policy changes.

“Reclaiming health activism in the age of climate crisis” is a compelling campaign guide that draws inspiration from the rich history of health activism in effecting social change. This document aims to rally health professionals worldwide to take on a new challenge: Advocating for climate action.

August 01, 2023

The health care sector contributes roughly 5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, with G20 countries accounting for over 75 percent. Urgent decarbonization is critical, and while the trajectory and approach may differ among G20 nations, all countries must work towards achieving net-zero health care emissions by 2050. 

July 03, 2023

What is Just Transition? The lack of a universal consensus around the definition has led to multiple interpretations shaped by the interests of different stakeholders. While labor movements prioritize workers' rights and job security, environmental justice groups advocate for impacted communities. Multilateral institutions, investors, and transnational corporations view it through an economic lens. 

June 23, 2023

On June 13-15, Gavi's Global Vaccine Impact Conference convened leaders from over 20 countries in Madrid under the theme “Raising Generation Immunity”, to assess progress in routine immunization and life-saving vaccinations. Hosted by the Government of Spain, this event gathered world leaders and immunization experts to address challenges and explore opportunities. Health Care Without Harm’s International Climate and Health Campaigner, Shweta Narayan was one of the keynote speakers.

June 21, 2023

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November 10, 2022