Introducing the Climate Impact Checkup online course

Update November 21, 2023

The Climate Impact Checkup is a revolutionary tool designed to empower health care institutions worldwide in assessing their environmental impact by estimating their greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint. Since its launch two years ago, this groundbreaking calculator has gained traction, with over 500 healthcare facilities spanning more than 25 countries actively embracing it to monitor and transparently report their GHG emissions closely. Health Care Without Harm is delighted to unveil a complimentary online course and training program, elevating the accessibility and usability of this tool.

We crafted the online course based on the experience gained by Climate Impact Checkup tool users worldwide. The online course supports health care facilities and systems as they embark on their journey toward sustainable, resilient, and low-carbon health care. Users not only gain proficiency in navigating the tool but also gain insights to construct comprehensive carbon management plans due to our user-friendly, step-by-step guide.

Climate Impact Checkup online course


“The Climate Impact Checkup tool is an integral part of our suite of tools to help health systems implement their low carbon, sustainability, or net zero commitments. Since we launched the tool globally in 2021, we have been thinking about how to make the calculation of emissions in the health sector accessible: whether you are an environmental engineer, a health care professional or an administrator. The online course will become one of our main vehicles to demystify this important step in understanding and planning for health sector emissions reduction”, says Diana Picon Manyari, Health Care Without Harm’s International Climate Director.

The course comprises 13 comprehensive classes, delving into vital subjects such as carbon footprint calculation, the inclusion of direct and indirect emission sources and the strategic development of action plans. Beyond the modules, users will be privy to inspiring successful case studies of tool implementation from health care practitioners in Colombia, India, and Spain who have emerged as frontrunners in environmental leadership by reducing emissions within their healthcare institutions. Available in English and Spanish, the course includes access to the offline version of the Climate Impact Checkup tool along with guidelines in over six languages.

Access to this course is free and requires no membership, aiming to make it accessible to everyone. Users will receive a completion course certificate after watching every class and completing a series of short quizzes , acknowledging their commitment to a healthier planet through sustainable and low carbon health care. 

Start reducing emissions in your health care institution. Take the course now!